About Savour the Southeast

Savour the Southeast aims to increase awareness of local food options in Southeast Alberta, as well as the benefits of supporting local companies. Savour the Southeast encourages collaboration between producers, develops opportunities for greater connections between local producers and consumers, and enhances community involvement in a local food movement.

Did you know you have access to products including:

  1. Bison, beef and deer (supported by over 2.6 million acres of pastured land)?
  2. Fresh peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes (grown by the largest greenhouse operations in the province)?
  3. Lentils, canola and organic wheat (located on over 1,529,484 acres of cultivated land)?

And that’s not all. Get to know the products in your region by exploring the online directory or put a face to your producer through our blog.

Why support local food?

Here are just some of the many great reasons to choose local food:

  • It makes economic sense. If residents in southeast Alberta spent $10 weekly on local food, the total economic impact would equal approximately $787,000.
  • It makes environmental sense. Lowering the distance that your food travels to get to your plate usually significantly reduces the carbon footprint.
  • Bang for buck! Since local food is fresher, it lasts longer in your pantry or fridge than food that has traveled thousands of miles to get to you.
  • It tastes great! Again, since the food is fresher, it tastes fresher… which is better!
  • Food safety is important. The fewer steps a food item takes to get to your plate, the easier it is to trace back to the source. Imagine: you can actually go and meet with the actual person who actually grew your food.
  • It promotes community. People in well-connected communities benefit from better safety, a stronger economy and an enhanced sense of well-being.

Savour the Southeast is proud to celebrate and promote local food through:

  • Our 2014 cookbook, available for $10 purchase at our office, #28, 419 3rd Str S.E. Medicine Hat, or here!
  • Our 2014 Eat Local II event; more information here here!

Savour the Southeast was made possible through the resources of the EDA and the funds leveraged from the province from the Rural Community Adaptation Program (RCAP).